Security Tips: Protect your SmartPhone from Cyber Attacks

  • If you have Bluetooth on your phone, keep it switched off when you are not using it.
  • On a smartphone, keep your Wi-Fi off and do not connect to free Wi-Fi, hotspots in public places.
  • If using a smartphone like Android, Blackberry or Apple iPhone, keep the GPS disabled with social networking sites and Geo-tagging disabled in the camera settings, as they pose a threat of sharing your location.
  • Do not reply to, or call back any unidentified numbers; especially numbers with 4,7,11 and 13 digits received as a missed call.
  • Do not reply to SMS with luring or tempting offers of prize/award winning.
  • Every phone has a security wipe feature (restore factory default settings). Use this before selling your handset, as this will prevent data theft from your device.
  • Whenever you give your handset for repair or maintenance, always remove the Memory card, SIM card and battery first. Also, transfer all your personal information from the phone memory to your memory card before handing it over.
  • Do not store personal pictures/photographs on your mobile.
  • Do not download unauthenticated applications from the Internet.
  • Give your mobile number only to your friends and people you trust.
  • Do not lend your phone to someone you do not know or trust, or put it in a place where people can get a hold of it.
  • Most phones allow you to lock your phones with a pin code. Without this code your phone cannot be unlocked, so if anyone steals your phone they will not be able to use it.
  • If someone is pressuring you to give him/her your number, tell someone about it, such as a teacher or a parent.

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