Internet Of Things laws

Internet Of Things (IoT) Laws


Internet Of Things (IoT) Laws

Understanding the Issues and Challenges of a More Connected World

With the advent of smart Technology and Machine-to-Machine Communication that is nothing however the internet of Things, there are a large range of legal problems that need to be self-addressed by the IoT companies and multiple compliance required from their end. inside the reach of IoT firms each information Controllers and information Processors. we are law firm house in India active during this new-age area. we’ve got outstanding IoT Engineers on our Panel who plays a key role with our legal team to confirm complete IoT Legal Compliance from the stage of design to manufacture.

The main legal issues for IoT Companies are:

  1. Liabilities of Data Processors because of Non-compliance of Privacy laws and Information Technology laws and Rules.
  2. Liability for acts of Sub-processors appointed by Data Processors.
  3. Liability of Suppliers in handling Personal Data and Compliance with Privacy Regulations.

We enable IoT Companies to comply with the laws and address all above mentioned legal by enabling them to implement the following:

  1. Privacy Impact Assessment
  2. Information Technology Law Compliance Audit
  3. Implementation of Privacy by Design and a Privacy by Default.
  4. Adoption of Security by Design Methodology.

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